David Rhodes

First time ever on a whitetail hunting trip at the Illinois Farm. It was the most awesome time spent with the XS Hunting staff. The lodge was very well kept and made me feel right at home. The food also was very good just like a home cooked meal. Deer hunting on this farm was unreal. I saw deer every time out lots of bucks they are there and, they are huge. I saw anywhere from 25 to 30 turkeys, they were very nice birds. The food, hunting, staff was unreal I would recommend this hunt to anyone; it’s a hunt of a lifetime. I would go back in a heartbeat like I said first time there and came home with a 141 ½ inch 11 pointer and very nice size doe. Thanks to the Great Guys at XS Hunting.

Roy Cardin

"I saw more bucks while hunting here in a weeks time than I've probably seen in all of my hunting experience."


"I got my first trophy buck on the first afternoon of my hunt. We saw over 30 deer and many bucks. It was an awesome place and an unforgettable experience."

Jamie McCormick

For those of us that are obsessed with hunting whitetail's with a bow, you have to read about my 2009 archery season in Pike County Illinois. I will not bore you with exaggerations or sales pitches for this outfitter but only give you the facts that you need to know to decide if you would want to book a hunt with XS in the coming archery season(s). If you have hunted with other outfitters, much of this information will be of valuable interest to you. I hunted with XS in early November in mid December and had one of the most memorable hunts that I can ever recall. I harvested my first archery long beard, a Pope and Young mature buck and a doe. I also made new friends with Todd Smith and his incredible family. Here are a few details that separates XS from other outfitters in the mid west and make them the most attractive for serious bow hunters seeking the opportunity to harvest a trophy.

Keith Snow

"Departed this life on December 17,2009/ He is survived by this girlfriend(s) on the 400 acre piece of Hamburger Hill. He was born in Pike County, Illinois several years ago. Old Man Buck got his name from a prior arrow injury under his right shoulder exiting the brisket. Not long ago, he walked with a slight limp that healed by Mother Nature. He did not appear to be limping when he walked up a timber bottom to the top edge of the turnip field where one doe made her long journey up the middle of a field heading for breakfast. She was approximately 25 yards from a non-elevated box blind where I was positioned on this early morning. When the doe soon realized she was being followed, she veered right of the blind which caused Old Man Buck to turn left leaving his right broad side briefly available for a one time difficult shot. The 100 grain Thunderhead blade full pass through pierced his liver at 7:35 am as he dashed away. He was last seen alive heading back to the timber bottom towards a pond approximately 250 yards way. He was quickly out of sight in seconds. I patiently remained in the blind for a couple hours videotaping and photographing on a small 8 pointer feeding on turnips. Friend/guide/taxidermist, Todd Smith, advised to wait the following morning and begin the search for him to claim my trophy. A snowstorm was in the forecast for this day. On the morning of Dec 18,2009, after a restless night, the search party of three met at the box blind around 10:00 am to begin the search. Mr. Smith discovered Old Man Buck in the timber bottom not far from the pond. His ear tips were rough from prior buck fights. I was overwhelmed with happy tears of joy to see my 4-legged friend once again. OMB was also known for his 4 inch brow tines which were lost in battle 3 to 4 weeks prior to his departure. His unwanted remains will rest beside his friend/rut enemy that was shot the same day by Jamie McCormick on the property. In lieu of flowers, clover or turnips, call XS Hunting to book your hunt to savor memories that will last a lifetime..."

Jamie McCormick

"Archery Season 2009, Simply put, Awesome and Unforgettable!" I saw deer every time I was in the stand and can't remember hunting somewhere and seeing as many different bucks as I did on their property. I have many pictures and footage of deer that I encountered with XS.